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IV118-Wood Aluminium Windows With Anti Theft System

Higher End、More Luxurious、Super Guard Against Theft And So Forth !


IV86-Wood Aluminium Windows

Technology In Germany、Refine An Every  Details


Personal Tailor

Choose Any Color、Shape

As You Like!

Creation Process

All the details of the

production process

Setup Script          

Professional and skilled

installation team

Product Classification  Provide the whole door and window solution                                                                               more>


Warm And Comfortable


Aluminum - Wood Windows

Attractive And Durable


IV68-Solid Wood Windows

Natural Feelings、Beauty Appearance


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Hoglad was founded in 2000, We are production and operation as one of the modern doors and windows curtain wall company. Companies involved in the operation of wood-aluminum  windows, Solid wood  windows, broken bridge aluminum windows and Sun room and other products... [more detail]


When customers are willing to put down the alert, decided to trust Hoglad, we are also determined to be dedicated to customer service, although very difficult, but we have confidence in. As long as the intention to do, there will be a return!


Eight Design  The most humanized design, the most close to life change!                                                       

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